The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

(Adventurous Journey)

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award”

“The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” is the world’s most prestigious award for young people.

The aim of education is to develop the human faculty. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme speeds up this development. It helps the participants transform themselves into holistically developed individual human beings i.e. helps children achieve their true potential.

BIT regularly has the highest number of students winning medals- particularly the Gold. Our students are encouraged to participate in the programme, though it is not mandatory.


A. Tangible Benefits

  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Helps in getting scholarships all over the world
  • Helps in getting preference in the global job market
  • Opportunity to attend different international programs both at home and abroad
  • Involvement with international organizations
  • International network of awardees
  • Experience to deal with people of different levels and cultures

B. Intangible Benefits

  • Personal discovery and growth
  • Self belief and self confidence
  • Social awareness; working with renowned social and charitable organizations
  • Sense of responsibility to the self and to the others
  • Development of life skills; Negotiation, Communication, Problem Solving, Presentation etc
  • A truly memorable and rewarding experience.

The award programme in Bangladesh is operated with direct coordination and support from the Regional Secretariat in Australia and the International Secretariat in the United Kingdom.

For further inquiries, please contact a Campus nearest to you.

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